PanelControlPro FreewareVersion 2.0.3

PanelControlPro FreewareVersion 2.0.3: The panel control with a gradient background. The panel control with a gradient background for use in Visual Studio .NET©. Improve the design of your applications. Now it supports gradient backgrounds, round corners, variable border widths and has a round corners background image support. Easy to install and easy to use - just take a look. And the best - it is free.

Contract Rummy 1.1.0: A challenging, enjoyable and addictive card game.
Contract Rummy 1.1.0

Contract Rummy is played over 7 rounds and in each round you must make certain Melds, which are sets of the same kind of cards or runs of cards in the same suit. Each contract is more difficult to make with the most difficult being round 7. Each card is given a value and at the end of round 7 the player who has the least number of penalty points - cards left in their hands - from all the rounds is the winner. Good graphics and intelligent robots

graphics, good, contract, card, rummy, game

Arkanoid 2000 1.9: Remake of an all-known classic game Arkanoid with many brand-new features.
Arkanoid 2000 1.9

round. The game contains 3 episodes with 20 rounds each, 3 skill levels for each episode - it means 180 game rounds total! More than 10 types of bonuses, more than 30 brick skins, several bricks types. There`s the rounds editor - it`s possible to create your own rounds and construct a whole episode, and of course, you may plug any additional downloadable episode into the game! Nice hi-res graphics, digital in-game music and funny sound effects. You

directx, games, arkanoid, entertainment, board, play, free, game, arcanoid, breakout, break, arcade, download

Golf Tournament Scorekeeper 4.0.0: Golf tournament manager with team generator, team scoring, multiple rounds.[ASP]
Golf Tournament Scorekeeper 4.0.0

round to round. Teams and pairings can be created manually or generated automatically based on:-Random selection, -Handicap, -Prior round gross or net score. FLIGHTS: You can create as many flights as you like or golfers can be automatically slotted in to flights based on handicap or gross score. TEE TIMES: Tee off schedules can be created and printed using a standard or shotgun start. HANDICAPS: The slope method is supported. Handicap percentages

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Excel Significant Digits (Figures) Software 7.0: Reformat numbers as significant digits in MS Excel.
Excel Significant Digits (Figures) Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to work with numbers in MS Excel. Rounding to one significant digit will round to ones, rounding to two digits will round to tenths, and so on. Drag and drop an entire folder to queue all contained Excel files. The intuitive user interface allows you to decide how much data to change: an entire workbook, just the active sheet, or a block of cells you manually select.

entries, numbers, third, formatting, notation, program, adds, 2007, tool, tenth, trunc, add on, second

Round text reading 009: Round reading. Type a words.
Round text reading 009

Words experiment. Round reading. Type a words. Then read it around a center. Ability to concentrate on the problem is one of the constituent parts of the successful mental work. Words experiment. Round reading. Type a words. Then read it around a center. Ability to concentrate on the problem is one of the constituent parts of the successful mental work.

around, experiment, round, center, words, then, read, reading, type

Double Happy 4.0: Double Happy is a social Tennis Doubles event organizer
Double Happy 4.0

round by round, a mix of players to be assigned to each court for up to 21 courts and 200 players. However, you can influence the mix for each round by using the following features; * Grouping players by any criteria you like such as gender or skill. * Selecting one of 5 different Mix Types that will generate a different mix of players based on the player groups. * Resting players who want to take time out. * Manually over-riding any player assignments

sports, games, draw, social, doubles, party, event, round robin, software, organizer, organiser, tennis, pairs

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